Coffs Harbour Pressure Cleaning
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Brick Cleaning

New Construction Brick Cleaning Services Coffs Harbour Coffs Coast Nambucca Shire areas

 G`day im Keith your local experienced brick cleaner to clean newly laid bricks with many years experience in Coffs Harbour, Coffs Coast, Nambucca Shire area for all new brick cleaning services.

 Cleaning new bricks is not always the same it depends on how much cement and dags left on walls, how hard is the cement, if too hard the process can take longer to clean, so not all jobs are the same as its easy for us to loose money cleaning bricks if we don`t take into account the extra time that maybe required to hand scrape excess cement from bricks that pressure cleaning machinery cannot remove without damaging brick and mortar surface, so sometimes a go slow approach will end up with the best results, it may cost more but the damage is more expensive to repair for a cheap quick job.

I`m a bricklayer by trade in the first part of my life, so i understand the various bricks available today and the types of acid required to clean bricks, as cleaning light colour bricks use a different acid to a dark brick, then you have those imitation dark colour bricks that to much water pressure can chip the the brick exposing another colour, so when your employing Coffs Harbour Pressure Cleaning you can rest assured you have an experienced brick cleaner onsite.



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